C-NERGY SUPER C65 Conductive Carbon Black


1 Quantity = 1 Unit = 80 grams


* Proprietary production process resulting in the unique combination of high structure and low surface area guaranteeing exceptional distribution in electrode slurries

* Low moisture pick up

* Highly graphitic ensuring excellent system stability

* Reduction in OCV (open circuit voltage), which reduces rejection rate and improves safety


Technical Properties:

Absorption stiffness value ml/5g 32
BET Surface area m2 /g 62
Ash Content (600 ℃) 0.025 max
Grit Content > 45 microns / 325 mesh <2
Grit Content > 20 microns / 625 mesh 12
Ferrous & non-ferrous particles pp/150g
Iron Particles pp/150g
Iron 2
Nickel 1


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