30S-75S Integrated BMS Specification


The detailed full specification by Hunan GCE Technology



  • Home storage
  • Island off-grid energy storage
  • Micro-grid applications
  • UPS power supply
  • 220V Power System 220V DC power supply

BMS integrated machine components are composed of BMS main control board, BMU sampling board, high voltage board, switching power supply, Hall sensor, DC contactor, micro switch, power terminal, structural box and wiring harness, etc.; the characteristic is that the main control board Integrate with sampling board and other power devices to keep the system as a secondary architecture. It has the characteristics of compact structure, flexible installation and low cost, and is suitable for integrated installation with small capacity batteries. The BMS integrated machine component is mainly suitable for the charge and discharge management of lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP). If you need to modify the parameters with other batteries, please contact our company for confirmation.


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