High voltage battery management system

Battery Management System is widely applied in Battery Energy Storage System(BESS), Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS), Electric vehicle(EV) etc…, Regulation, protection and control the battery pack.

The detailed information can be found in the specification document.




This main control system (RBMS) is a battery management system overall solution developed for large-scale high-voltage battery energy storage systems and UPS applications. It adopts a multi-level distributed architecture and a modular design concept. It is highly configurable, compatible and expandable. It is easy to assemble, debug and maintain. It is suitable for DC voltage 1000V (taking lithium iron phosphate as an example: minimum voltage 2.5V, rated Various lithium battery energy storage systems with a voltage of 3.2V and a maximum voltage of 3.6V, that is, up to 277 single cells can be connected in series.


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